After retiring from the family business with health problems it was some time before I recovered and was back to full fitness, and at that point I realised that having been fully active all my working life that I needed a hobby that would satisfy me mentally and physically which was an easy choice as working with  wood was always my first love from the first pair of stilts I made at the age of ten.
I then turned my old aviary into a workshop – bought a Lathe and a lot of expensive equipment to start woodturning. That was the easy part but learning how to turn a rough lump of wood into a beautiful object was the hard part and the challenge I needed.
I spent many hours talking to and watching fellow woodturners and many hours glued to Youtube where I learned a lot of my skills and from the very first bowl that I made I knew that the shear pleasure I got from it would consume all my free time.
Having built up a large stock of items my lovely daughter suggested that we visit craft shows and since then we have loved travelling all over the South together enjoying every minute with great success.
Since then my hobby has turned into a full time business with my wife and daughter fully involved.