14 Feb

Having talked about how I started wood turning in my previous blogs and the setting up of my workshop with the full range of machinery & tools I thought you might like to watch a few videos on YouTube by a fellow Welshman called Mike Waldt, I learned how to turn from watching this guy as he explains clearly  each step of the item he’s carving and by watching them over and over and hours of practice I have, according to other experienced Wood-turners we have met at numerous craft shows, achieved an excellent standard ( I have now put my trumpet away)

I have found during my 77 years that whatever you do in life be it in your job or playing sport or simply playing a game of scrabble as soon as you think you have half an idea of what you are doing you suddenly find out you know next to nothing, and this is one of the reasons why I love wood-turning you can Never stop learning, which brings me nicely to the countless number of different woods there are and to ensure you choose the right wood for your next project. My daughter Louise bought me a beautiful book on the thousands of different woods from all over the world and although as a turner I will only ever use a fraction of them it’s fascinating to think that even when these beautiful trees are cut down they can still live on as a beautiful object in the hands of a good wood-turner. I recently carved a Mortise & Pestle from a blank I found at the back of my store cupboard it has an incredible grain pattern and when stained with dark teak it highlighted the curved grain but I can’t for the life of me remember what wood it is – so if anyone can tell me I would really appreciate it.

At my age I struggle at times to get excited about anything but they have just delivered my Band saw it’s not up and running yet I’ve only just opened the box but I must admit I can’t wait to see how many parts I have left over when I put it together tomorrow. Although the Band saw will complete all the equipment I wanted for my Workshop ( I would love to upgrade everything but that will have to wait until we win the lottery ) until now apart from the rip saw the only detail cutter for larger wood has been my jig saw which I fitted under a work top and made a jig with two guide wheels to keep the blade straight, but the Band saw blade runs in a continuous downwards direction giving a faster cleaner and more accurate cut. The fret saw I have is good for cutting shapes but will not cut larger pieces – can’t wait!

I decided some weeks ago to concentrate on the top Quality Pens as the lovely comments I’ve had have been greatly received and as was pointed out to me people look on the web when they are looking for that special gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Wedding or for themselves for that beautiful one off Pen they always wanted. I have made a number of Pens this week using exotic woods and unusual materials which have turned out to be totally unique with stunning finishes - you can see these on my web by Sunday that’s if I don’t have too many pieces left over when putting together my Band saw.   

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